Create a Winning Proposal

Proposals are something that is needed by many different people in many different area’s. Proposals are used quite a lot for sales and marketing, to help answer a the questions that a client is looking for in their project. This need for a proposal can easily move from sales to the internal needs in a […]

Marketing Tips: Cross-Selling

photo credit: chinnianBusinesses in general offer quite a large variety of products. One of the key goals for many businesses is to be working towards increasing their average sale. There are many ways that this can be achieved however today i want to focus on the idea of cross selling. The basic premise of cross […]

Marketing Tips: Bundle Products

A way that it can be easy to add value to your product offering is to bundle a group of products together. This can take on many different forms from big to small bundle’s and products and services. It really comes down to finding out what you customers want and what you can do to […]