Marketing Tips: Cross-Selling

photo credit: chinnianBusinesses in general offer quite a large variety of products. One of the key goals for many businesses is to be working towards increasing their average sale. There are many ways that this can be achieved however today i want to focus on the idea of cross selling. The basic premise of cross […]

Be consistent with your marketing

Once you have decided to be in business you need to get started with your marketing. However marketing is one facet of your business that should not be a haphazard affair. It needs to be something that is consistent from start to finish. Being consistent is about portraying the same message and same values when […]

Location, Location, Location…

While the saying “Location, Location, Location” has become well known in relation to residential property. It is a saying that is worth paying attention to in relation to location a retail business. For the large majority of retail stores, the location is going to make or break the business. Getting it wrong can spell disaster […]