Web Tip: The right email address

How many times have you gone looking in an advertisement, or on someone’s business card to find their email address only for it to be a free address or one provided by their ISP. An email address for a business that is mybusiness @ hotmail.com or mybusiness @ myisp.com are hardly the best way to […]

A new Breed of post

As some may be aware from my tweets on twitter, i asked (almost 3 weeks ago) for some article suggestions. What i wanted to do with these suggestions was not just give my thoughts on the topic, as is the case with many of the articles that i have here. I wanted to do more […]

A little Gap and update

Wow, i have only just realized that it has been around 10 days since i posted here. I have been trying to keep this blog well pretty much as active as i can, considering the bulk of my good writing happens at best every so often. However the lack of content is not due to […]