Web Tips

Web Tip: The right email address

How many times have you gone looking in an advertisement, or on someone’s business card to find their email address only for it to be a free address or one provided by their ISP. An email address for a business that is mybusiness @ hotmail.com or mybusiness @ myisp.com are hardly the best way to […]

Web Tips: Keep it to a single page

If you are running a business that sells a product, then there is often a good chance that you are going to have to display at least some product information on your website. The more advanced the products the more chance that you may have the desire to breakup the product information. I would like […]

A website: Where to start.

While we have previously seen how a website can benefit your business by either taking the role of an employee in some way, by providing information or selling to your customer. Potentially the more important point if you do not already have a website is actually getting started in getting a website. Without making a […]