Web Tips

Web Tips: Don’t Over Do It

As we all well know there are new web based technologies that can greatly improve the visual effect of your website. Some of these technologies can improve not just the visual appeal but also the userability of your site. While unfortunately some others will do anything but improve both the visual appeal and the user […]

Web Tip: Keep your blogging regular

There is one primary consideration that you need to make when you are blogging. This is that blogging is just like any other form of publishing. At least if you are planning to blog either professionally or to create a business from which you can profit. The one thing that you need to remember in […]

Web Tips: Help people compare

One thing that just about everyone likes to be able to do is compare different models, and or services to make sure that they are getting what they want for the best price they can. This is something that many businesses do that sell a range of different services, for example Web Hosting. If there […]