What you need to know about your customers

When it comes to sales one of the more important aspects is know your customer. Not just knowing their name but knowing as much information as possible. This is not always an easy task, and it is not always something that you will do from a single interaction with a single customer, but something that […]

Does your success mean you fail

In many ways there are many people that are succeeding every day. They may be doing great at their job, there business may be making the money they want to earn, or they may be achieving personal goals. But even though they are succeeding there is a very pertinent question which arises from this success, […]

If it is so Secret

As a little follow up to my post last week about the fact there is no big secret, i just wanted to add a little more. Which at this point is more  question then a why. The question is Why do people call something a secret and then almost give it away at some ridiculously […]