My Favourite Facebook Apps

I was looking for some ideas on what to write about today, and I came across the suggestion to write about your favourite Facebook Apps. Which I thought could be interesting topic, however I must digress the title is a little deceptive. The problem with the topic of My Favourite Facebook Apps, is that I […]

Australia Votes

Today is the day that all Australian’s get to make the ultimate decision as to who will be part of the next Government in Australia. For Australian’s over the age of 18, there is a requirement to be registered and to vote in an election. So this sees some 14 million Australian’s attending to this […]

Twitter #followfriday Recommends

I have been taking part in #followfriday for some time, always trying to share what i can about people that are good to follow. The one thing that i have come to find is it can be difficult to fit it all into 140 characters, and really do the people i enjoy following justice. So […]