Personal Growth

Blocking Out Distractions

One of the biggest challenges when writing is blocking out the distractions that can arise and interfere with your train of thought. These can be literally anything, from people speaking to you, noises in the environment around you or Internet access in general. So what can you do about these distractions and how can you […]

Time To Study Again

Some people know that I never finished High School. Now I suppose everyone will know. But I never started the last year of high school. While there are a number of different reason for why, at this point now none of them are really that important. Even though the last time I attended school or […]

From Beginning To The Future

On the 23rd of February 2008,I choose to start this blog. I started with the post “An End is just a new beginning” which in some respects laid out where I was at in terms of business and career, at the time and into the future. Reading back over that post I can see things […]