Personal Growth

Turn To Reading

Since completeing my Writing Challenge in November and while working through the challenging work schedule I have had over the past four weeks, I have to some degree moved from writing so much to the task of reading. It was while doing some research on just how to improve your writing abilities that I found […]

Less Time Online = Less Need To Be Online

Over the past year the travel that I have been doing there is a funny thing that I have found. It is to a large degree to do with the amount of time that I spend online and how traveling affects this. For the most part when I travel, especially outside Australia my ability to […]

Rethink On December Plans

Last week I made mention of what I would be looking at doing for my next 30 Day Challenge. The idea I was going to be working on was that of a challenge to Generate Ideas, for future writing topics. After thinking this through, I am not so sure that now is the right time […]