Other Projects

Pursue projects of your own

In a business you are going to have a range of clients that you work with, projects will differ. Some clients you will be able to use as an example of the work that your business does, while others may be more of a one off which does not show your best qualities. Using client’s […]

Knowing Where to start

I know that for me, and i would expect many other people knowing where to start on projects or such is one of the biggest challenges. Especially for the bigger projects, it can seem like such big under taking knowing what to do first can be over whelming. Today i just wanted to share a […]

Multiple Streams of Income

It is almost a requirement for anyone that does not have a full time job to have multiple stream’s of income. There are many reason’s to have multiple streams of income and almost no reason’s not to. But in general if you want to ensure that you income is secure having multiple stream’s of income […]