Other Projects

Conscious Growth Workshop Handouts

On the 29, 30, and 31 of October 2010, I attended Conscious Growth Workshop in Las Vegas. Presented by Steve Pavlina. Then earlier this month, Steve Pavlina made the announcement that he would be releasing the copyrights to all the content that he has created with the exception of his book, which is still copyright […]

Small, Local, Non Profit’s. How to seek and provide assistance.

There is no doubt that in general people want to help non-profit organizations to provide the services that they do. This has been highlighted especially in Australia a number of times with the most recent being for the victims of the Victoria Bushfires. Additionally we have seen this generosity on a global scale, through both […]

A new Breed of post

As some may be aware from my tweets on twitter, i asked (almost 3 weeks ago) for some article suggestions. What i wanted to do with these suggestions was not just give my thoughts on the topic, as is the case with many of the articles that i have here. I wanted to do more […]