New Beginning

Writing Challenge Next Steps

Today is the first day after completing my Writing Challenge for November. To be honest I am a little thankful that it is over, but I am at the same time very happy that I did it and saw it through to completion. I am not going to go into rehashing any of the results, […]

Writing On My iPad

This week I made a new purchase, that was an iPad2. For some reason this was something that I had been putting off buying, and to be honest I cannot understand why I had waited so long. To be honest I am not a apple fanboy by any means, I have enjoyed my IPods that […]

Fresh Start For Ideas

This week I finally got around to buying a new laptop to travel with. For me this is not a small feat, it is rare that I will just purchase anything technology related without doing a reasonable amount of research and waiting to see what is really out there. Often times I am far to […]