Learning How To Write

Over the past few days I have really been thinking about my writing a lot. Obviously this month with the writing challenge things have been super heavily focused on writing for me. However in the last few days it has been even more t the front my mind. The thing that has really brought it […]

Productivity Parties

It was early evening, on Sunday January 2nd, and a message pops up from Alex G. asking if I would like to be part of a productivity party. Of course I had some inkling of what this may be, but still asked the question “What is a Productivity Party?” more so just to clarify what […]

2010 remember your resolution

There is no doubting it, 2010 is definitely here. The month of January is gone, and we are not into February. For those of you that choose to make new years resolutions, are you still on track? Or have they already fallen by the way side and left you as just another statistic of new […]