Pursue projects of your own

In a business you are going to have a range of clients that you work with, projects will differ. Some clients you will be able to use as an example of the work that your business does, while others may be more of a one off which does not show your best qualities. Using client’s […]

Don’t compete on Price

While this is something that you have probably heard, read, or seen being touted quite often. It may have been something that you choose to pay attention to or not. In reality there is actually some good reasons why competing on price will not get you anywhere. You may believe that the cheapest price will […]

10 ways to Boost Sales

There are many reasons why sales could be up down, or about the same. Some of them are going to be things that you can do something about, while others may be something you have no control over at all. If it comes to the point that there may be something that you can do […]