Just blogging

Not a lot of Writing & Why

As some of you that have followed my blog for any time may have noticed there has not been a lot of new posts lately. This is not something i planned, it has really come from a combination of a few things. All of which i think many people either have faced, are facing or […]

My Other Business Blogs

For some time now i have been working on a number of different blogs. Most of which that look at some different aspects of business or the internet. While i think that i have shared most of these at different times on this blog. Today i wanted to share all of them with you. No […]

A new Breed of post

As some may be aware from my tweets on twitter, i asked (almost 3 weeks ago) for some article suggestions. What i wanted to do with these suggestions was not just give my thoughts on the topic, as is the case with many of the articles that i have here. I wanted to do more […]