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Blog Silence, Here Is Why

After such a huge effort in November of writing and such, you may be wondering just what happened in the past two weeks, that saw this blog and my other blogs with almost no updates. Basically it comes down to work. Where my usual schedule of work allows me to get online and keep doing […]

Why I Disagree With Minimalism

You may see this title as a grab for attention, in what is a fairly trendy topic at the moment. However that is far from what it is. This is just my reasoning behind the problems that I see in the general area of Minimalism. What I do not understand is why you donate all […]

Attention Grabber Sales Headlines

The thing that never ceases to amaze me is the ability of make money/get rich headlines to grab my attention. While I am not going to be the one suckered into some high priced scam, these headlines almost always grab my attention in some way. However very very few manage to hold my attention for […]