30 Day challenges

Writing Challenge 2 months on

If you have been a reader of my blog for any length of time you may remember two months back in November I undertook a writing challenge. In pretty much all ways the challenge was a success. However while in someways I have learnt from this in others I am still at the same place […]

Writing Challenge Update, Week 5

Well this update is really not for a full week, in fact it is going to cover just the last four days. It is being released early, on Wednesday rather then Saturday, in conjunction with the overall final update. It was a rocky four days, but I did manage to get through to the end […]

30 Day Writing Challenge Complete

Today Wednesday 30th November marks 30 Days since I started my Writing Challenge. Since this time when it comes to writing many things have changed for me. I have broken through quite a few marks that I never thought I would in the past 30 days, all in a positive way for this writing challenge. […]