Book List

Below you will find a complete list of the books that I have read and some that I am planning to read for my Turn To Reading that I am making.

While the books I have read will never change, the future reading could end up changing a lot. While I will list as many potential books I would like to read, they very likely could and will change.

Completed December 2011

1. Her Majesty The King – Patricia L. O’Neill
2. The Soulkeepers – G.P. Ching
3. Weaving Destiny – G.P. Ching
4. Child of the Mist (These Highland Hills, Book 1) – Katheleen Morgan

Completed January 2012

5. Dark Earth – Jason Halstead
6. The Awakened: Book 1 – Jason Tesar
7. The Awakened: Book 2 – Jason Tesar
8. The Awakened: Book 3 – Jason Tesar
9. Marked (Sould Gaurdians, Book 1) – Kim Richardson
10. The Emerald Talisman – Brenda Pandos
11. The Sapphire Talisman – Brenda Pandos
12. The Onyx Talisman – Brenda Pandos

Completed Febuary 2012

13. Alaskan Odyssey – Jim Clawson, D. Miles

Completed May 2012

14. Parallel Worlds – Noell, Heather Macauley, Andrew Macauley
15. Empire of the Ants – Bernard Werber
16. The Trouble With Spells – Lacey Weatherford
17. The Book of Deacon – Joseph Lallo
18. The Great Convergence – Joseph Lallo

Currently Reading

19. The Battle of Verril – Joseph Lallo

Future Reading

No Specific Titles chosen yet.

Did Not Complete Reading

The Last Call – George Wier – Could not get into the story and struggled to come up with a reason to finish reading it.
Obernewtyn – Isobelle Carmody – The writing style was hard to follow and while I have stopped reading for the moment, this is not to say that at the moment I will not return to the book.

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