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Although I have not always been consistent, I am a person that does enjoy to read a book. Sometimes to get lost in the story, sometimes to just escape from reality, or sometimes just to fill that void of nothing to do. However at the same time I am also the person that really does dislike having to carry around a bunch of paper in the form of a book.

The dislike for carrying a book is not entirely, if at all to do with being lazy. I mean I often carry around a laptop and/or Camera both of which weigh more then a book. It is just so easy to damage a book, lose your place, or just generally get the book grubby. I am one of those people that like to keep a book in good condition. While I buy the book to read, I also like it to appear read but not worn.

Obviously for many years there was really no other options but to buy a physical book or borrow one from the library if you wanted to read a book. It was around 1992 some of the first e-book readers started to emerge, and over the following years while other companies released a range of different models that a range of different formats came into being.

As it stands today there are still some barriers to getting into buying a e-book reader, depending on whether you want options or not. For example if you purchase a kindle you are pretty much (but not entirely) limited to purchasing books from the Kindle store via Amazon. This limitation is not a bad thing, as the way this system is set up with Kindle and the Amazon store, makes things so much easier for you as a user.

However at the same time there are also a lot of other options for where and how you can purchase or borrow e-books, that owning a device like a Kindle does limit you.

On the other hand I opted to purchase an iPad, yes I understand what many of the arguments are. Yes it is more expensive, it is heavier, it is larger. All of these are things that you need to take into account when you are considering purchasing a device.

The primary benefits to owning the iPad as your choice of reading device is though just how many options you have. By using the Ipad as your e-reader option, I think it is almost possible to read any e-book that is available anywhere.

You can download the free kindle reader app, to read books from the Kindle store. You can use the iBooks application to read books from the Apple ibooks store. There are applications which allow you to borrow and read books from many different local libraries. You can get programs for your computer that will convert books from one format to another format if for some reason the format is not supported.

The Ipad when it comes to reading is not just about ease of use, but it also makes your flexibility to choose different books from different places so much more varied.

You may think that this kind of sounds like a sales pitch of some sort, but to be honest it isnt. This is just my opinion and my experience. I am just one happy user getting the flexibility rather then the limitation of just one source.

Turn To Reading

Since completeing my Writing Challenge in November and while working through the challenging work schedule I have had over the past four weeks, I have to some degree moved from writing so much to the task of reading.

It was while doing some research on just how to improve your writing abilities that I found the suggestion, that a person who writes well, is well read. Which really did get my thinking about reading. My relationship with reading books has been somewhat off and on.

At times I have chosen to read numerous different books, I have read most of the books written by Matthew Rielly, as well as all by Dan Brown. There are also a number of other titles which I have reda from time to time. However reading has never been consistent for me, at times I will read books back to back for a few months, at other times If I read but 10 pages in 2 or 3 months it is an effort.

The greatest factor involved with this is in fact the internet. At times I will spend a great deal of time browsing the internet, reading articles and posts, or playing games. However while the majority of this time is still reading what if anything I gain from this I am unsure. Of course my time spent reading online at the time seems to me to be topics of importance, however in the long term if they are, I do not know.

While I do not intend to ignore writing entirely at the moment, I want to spend the free time that I have more evening between reading and writing. In the last month this has meant more reading, more so due to a much less flexible schedule, and less time available to devote to that of writing. I feel I write best when I am not pressured by minimal time.

So where exactly am I going with this. Well to be honest I am heading to the point that I will be reading more. Over the nesxt few months and even throughout the whole of the year I want to get into a habit of reading a novel at least for some time every day. I would like to balance it a little more, as for the most part my reading is either all or nothing.

This is best highlighted through my reading today. I read the entire second half a a book, which I completed reading just a short while ago. Which I spent probaly 5 or 6 hours or more reading today. While yesterday I may have read 10 pages and spent less then 30 minutes in doing so.

My Reading Future

So really looking at this in the long term there are two things that I would like to achieve. I don’t really have any specific time frame for achieving these goals, but the fact of the matter is that if I achieve goal #1 in time Goal #2 will be achieved by default.

Goal #1 – Create a consistent habit of reading for 1 (one) hour per day. This does not need to be in a single time slot, I may read for 30 minutes in the morning or 30 minutes before bed, and 30 minutes while on my break at work. I also plan to cap my time reading each day to no more than 2 (two) hours. This is something I feel I need to do after spending 6 or 7 hours reading today and getting nothing else done.

Goal #2 – Read 100 Novels. This is really just an arbitary goal, because obviously I plan to continue reading after I reach this goal, however it is nice to have a number to report back progress for the time being. There are also no minimum number of pages for a book or any other requirements on this goal.

Other Notes

As mentioned in Goal one the whole point is to build consistency. I want to be able to make this a consistent habit of mine rather then something that catches my attention for short bursts every few months. Also by imposing the time limit each day it gives me time in the day to absorb what I have read in smaller chunks. I decided to go with a timeframe, and not a number of pages because the time it can take for reading a set number of pages can vary grealy from book to book.

I will also maintain a record of my reading list on a seperate page which I will create in the next week or so, however I will provide a list of the current books I have read in the past month which will be included below. Along with the current books I am looking at reading in the next couple of weeks.

Book List

Completed December 2011

1. Her Majesty The King – Patricia L. O’Neill
2. The Soulkeepers – G.P. Ching
3. Weaving Destiny – G.P. Ching
4. Child of the Mist (These Highland Hills, Book 1) – Katheleen Morgan

Completed January 2012

5. Dark Earth – Jason Halstead

Future Reading

6. The Awakened: Book 1 – Jason Tesar
7. The Last Call – George Wier
8. Parallel Worlds – Heather Macauley Noell, Andrew Macauley
9. The Books of Deacon – Joseph Lallo
10. Marked (Sould Gaurdians, Book 1) – Kim Richardson

I am still to decide on the rest of the books, however I will likely be looking for books to add to the list in advance of getting to the number on the list I am up to. I may also move around the future reading a little depending on my mood and if I happen to come across an author that I like or a series I want to read in order after reading the first one.

While I am happy to take suggestions on books to read, I cannot specify any specific genre I like. I will attempt to read and finish just about any book at the moment in trying to seek the genre I like best, however no promises. Additionally the best I can offer is a listing of the title and author and potentially a link to Amazon, on the title if I have time, I do not plan or intend to do book reviews, and where easy to source I will seek to add a link to the author’s website on their name.

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