Hi, and welcome to my blog. As you may have worked out by the name of the site my name is Joel Brown.

I started writing on this blog in February 2008. The initial reason for creating the blog was to share or journal my journey from the market my business was operating in, to a new market.  While this core purpose of the blog has not changed, the other information which i share around this purpose is always changing. Topics for the blog include Business, Marketing, Personal Development and a range of Internet related topics.

In addition to this blog i also work on 2 other blogs that i have created, and a number of other websites at varying stages of development. My other two blogs are called No Fixed Office – Which explores the potential to operate a business with no fixed office, and Business Finds – which aims to share quick bit of information which i find and think are of interest to others in business.

I also operate my own business, Orion Networks. Orion Networks, is a value added reseller, supplying Technology products and services to businesses in Australia.

Finally, please take your time and have a look around the rest of my blog here, i feel that much of the information can be useful to a variety of people in different types of business. Additionally you can also follow me on Twitter, just look for @no_fixed_office.

Joel Brown
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