Writing Challenge 2 months on

If you have been a reader of my blog for any length of time you may remember two months back in November I undertook a writing challenge. In pretty much all ways the challenge was a success. However while in someways I have learnt from this in others I am still at the same place that I was before I started the challenge.

The outcome of the challenge was almost more then I had hoped for, achieveing almost 80,000 words written for the month or more then 2500 per day on average. A little over half of these written words were ultimately published online in a total of 43 posts between a number of different websites.

What I Learnt From The Challenge

The biggest lesson that I did learn from the challenge is what I can achieve from applying myself when I want to. However while I may think that most of the time I want to apply myself, this does not ultimately work out this way.

Of course public accountability does help me to some extent in applying myself, however this comes down to making a commitment and publically sharing this. the problem for me here is that I do not ultimately know what commitment I am able to make at the moment.

Since The Challenge

Things have been somewhat a struggle since the challenge for me to achieve the level that I set throughout the challenge. In fact things have dropped off quite substantially.

In the past two months I have posted just 24 posts, barely a quarter of what I would have posted had I kept up with the average I had during in challenge. The same is true with the word count, and published words. I have barely written 14,000 words in the past two months, all of them published. So I guess the difference between the words written and the words published has really improved, however this is in many ways still inconsequential, if I am not writing the amount that I want to.

Where To Next
I believe that the next step that I need to take is to establish just what I want out of my writing and what my expectations for myself are. But also establish some form of accountability that I state publically. While there will always be times when I am unable to write to the level I want, when I can, I should be.

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