As January is drawing to a close, I thought that it was about time that I look back upon the month in terms of the goals I set for reading and the experiences that I have had in my reading.

January Results

For the month of January I managed to complete reading a total of eight books. You can find which books these were on the Book List page. To be honest I do kind of think that to some degree I may have overdone things a little bit. However I will discuss this a little further on.

Not included in the eight books that I completed reading was another two books which I started but did not continue with. This was not something that I was expecting, as in most cases before even if I have not liked a book right at the beginning I found by about 20 or so pages in I was really wanting to continue to see where the story went. While in this case I could not keep going. Both of these books were telling a story that at this point in time did not really interest me and I could not see the point in trying to continue forward without the interest.

Reading Time

One of the things that I set out when I first talked about getting in an reading some books more consistently, was that I wanted to limit the time somewhat that I spent reading. This would have ideally been to around an hour each day if I remember correctly. In one or two sessions per day.

It would seem that this is easier said then done. If I had been able to stick to this I likely would have only completed maybe 4 or 5 books. Unfortunately I have still spent much more of some days reading then I would have liked. I generally would read for the half hour break at work, plus often 15-30 minutes at home before I went to sleep. But on top of this which would have been all I needed to meet my goal, I would often send anything up to an hour or more reading throughout the day.

To be honest reading must obviously be something I enjoy if I do spend this much time reading, however there are other things that I wonder if they might be having to greater influence on this beyond just a joy of reading.

The draw of the Story

In the past month I have been drawn into four different story lines. Each one has to some degree grabbed a part of my mind that wish it would continue on in some way in reality. Which I am not so sure is the healthiest way to get involved in a book really.

This is somewhat where I am finding that reading, especially fiction is kind of a drag for me. The part which I dislike the most is always having to learn and meet a whole new range of characters. This is one reason why when you look back at what I have chosen to read over the past month there is two different series in there.

There is however one thing I have not so much enjoyed about the two series that I have read this last month. That is the heavy reliance in the first few pages over the second and third book that is just basically rehashing a number of different events that happened in the previous previous book. While I can understand the need for this, it kind of bothers me.

The Next Direction

Of course this whole reading experience is what I am following for two reasons. One is to do more reading with the thought that reading good writing will help me to improve my writing. However it is to also help me find the genres of reading that I enjoy. I think that at this point I will be looking to try another area that is maybe not so much fantasy fiction, which I believe is where I found the books that I have been reading.

One of the ways that I am going to do this is to look at some of the titles and authors that I have read in the past and look at what other suggestions there are for authors in similar genre’s. Because to be honest how do I know that I am not already aware of the genre’s that I like best?

Keep Moving Forward

Whatever I find though it is for sure that I will be keeping up this reading. I will be slowing down a little, and not going to make this a contest to see how many books I can read in the shortest amount of time, and suspect that I may not find a month where I actually read 8 books again like last month. However we will see how things turn out. So this is going to be an on going process over at least the next year.

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