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Although I have not always been consistent, I am a person that does enjoy to read a book. Sometimes to get lost in the story, sometimes to just escape from reality, or sometimes just to fill that void of nothing to do. However at the same time I am also the person that really does dislike having to carry around a bunch of paper in the form of a book.

The dislike for carrying a book is not entirely, if at all to do with being lazy. I mean I often carry around a laptop and/or Camera both of which weigh more then a book. It is just so easy to damage a book, lose your place, or just generally get the book grubby. I am one of those people that like to keep a book in good condition. While I buy the book to read, I also like it to appear read but not worn.

Obviously for many years there was really no other options but to buy a physical book or borrow one from the library if you wanted to read a book. It was around 1992 some of the first e-book readers started to emerge, and over the following years while other companies released a range of different models that a range of different formats came into being.

As it stands today there are still some barriers to getting into buying a e-book reader, depending on whether you want options or not. For example if you purchase a kindle you are pretty much (but not entirely) limited to purchasing books from the Kindle store via Amazon. This limitation is not a bad thing, as the way this system is set up with Kindle and the Amazon store, makes things so much easier for you as a user.

However at the same time there are also a lot of other options for where and how you can purchase or borrow e-books, that owning a device like a Kindle does limit you.

On the other hand I opted to purchase an iPad, yes I understand what many of the arguments are. Yes it is more expensive, it is heavier, it is larger. All of these are things that you need to take into account when you are considering purchasing a device.

The primary benefits to owning the iPad as your choice of reading device is though just how many options you have. By using the Ipad as your e-reader option, I think it is almost possible to read any e-book that is available anywhere.

You can download the free kindle reader app, to read books from the Kindle store. You can use the iBooks application to read books from the Apple ibooks store. There are applications which allow you to borrow and read books from many different local libraries. You can get programs for your computer that will convert books from one format to another format if for some reason the format is not supported.

The Ipad when it comes to reading is not just about ease of use, but it also makes your flexibility to choose different books from different places so much more varied.

You may think that this kind of sounds like a sales pitch of some sort, but to be honest it isnt. This is just my opinion and my experience. I am just one happy user getting the flexibility rather then the limitation of just one source.

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