Month: January 2012


As January is drawing to a close, I thought that it was about time that I look back upon the month in terms of the goals I set for reading and the experiences that I have had in my reading. January Results For the month of January I managed to complete reading a total of eight books. You can find which books these were on the Book List page. To be honest I do kind of think that to some degree I may have overdone things a little bit. However I will discuss this a little further on. Not included in the eight books that I completed reading was another two books which I started but did not continue with. This was not something that I was expecting, as in most cases before even if I have not liked a book right at the beginning I found by about 20 or so pages in I was really wanting to continue to see where the story went. While in this case I could not keep going. Both of these books were telling a story that at this point in time did not really interest me and I could not see the point in trying to continue forward without the interest. Reading Time One of the things that I set out when I first talked about getting in an reading some...

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iPad The Best Way To Read

Although I have not always been consistent, I am a person that does enjoy to read a book. Sometimes to get lost in the story, sometimes to just escape from reality, or sometimes just to fill that void of nothing to do. However at the same time I am also the person that really does dislike having to carry around a bunch of paper in the form of a book. The dislike for carrying a book is not entirely, if at all to do with being lazy. I mean I often carry around a laptop and/or Camera both of which weigh more then a book. It is just so easy to damage a book, lose your place, or just generally get the book grubby. I am one of those people that like to keep a book in good condition. While I buy the book to read, I also like it to appear read but not worn. Obviously for many years there was really no other options but to buy a physical book or borrow one from the library if you wanted to read a book. It was around 1992 some of the first e-book readers started to emerge, and over the following years while other companies released a range of different models that a range of different formats came into being. As it stands today there are still some...

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Turn To Reading

Since completeing my Writing Challenge in November and while working through the challenging work schedule I have had over the past four weeks, I have to some degree moved from writing so much to the task of reading. It was while doing some research on just how to improve your writing abilities that I found the suggestion, that a person who writes well, is well read. Which really did get my thinking about reading. My relationship with reading books has been somewhat off and on. At times I have chosen to read numerous different books, I have read most of the books written by Matthew Rielly, as well as all by Dan Brown. There are also a number of other titles which I have reda from time to time. However reading has never been consistent for me, at times I will read books back to back for a few months, at other times If I read but 10 pages in 2 or 3 months it is an effort. The greatest factor involved with this is in fact the internet. At times I will spend a great deal of time browsing the internet, reading articles and posts, or playing games. However while the majority of this time is still reading what if anything I gain from this I am unsure. Of course my time spent reading online at the time...

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