Less Time Online = Less Need To Be Online

Over the past year the travel that I have been doing there is a funny thing that I have found. It is to a large degree to do with the amount of time that I spend online and how traveling affects this.

For the most part when I travel, especially outside Australia my ability to access the internet generally decreases drastically. This happens due to two big changes in the way life runs for me when I am travelling. The first is a general lesser amount of time available, while the second is much more limited access to internet.

On the first area I generally have less time available to be online. When I am at home, I will generally spend two to three hours online a day, working on my blogs, checking out topics of interest, or just doing whatever. When I am travelling this time I find can be used to a much better purpose such as seeing the town, or area that I am travelling in. I mean what is the point in getting out and travelling if you are not going to use that time to your advantage to see the area.

The second area is the one which probably has the greater impact directly on the amount of time that I spend online. When travelling it just is not as easy to get access to the internet. Of course this depends on the country that you are visiting, but in general hotels charge for internet access, however free access is more widely available in cafe’s and such. But the thing is, you can really only stand sitting in a Starbucks, or McDonalds for so long.

The result which all of this has is ultimately when I arrive home, I struggle to figure out just what it was that I do all day on the internet when I am at home. Travelling has ultimately changed my priorities to some degree, however there is still work to do in this area though.

The problem I still face is that when I am at home I still gravitate towards being on my computer and trying to figure what I need or maybe it is what I want to do on the internet. Often this will result in me sitting down at the computer browsing to one or two websites and then sitting there and wondering what else I would spend all this time online doing.

I have found that to a large degree the number one thing that I do while on the computer or online now, is writing. This has definetly a change over the past month, with the writing challenge in November. Which is really a big change from six months ago when I would spend a lot of time playing a range of different games online. The result over the past six months is a rather big decrease in online games and a much better focus on writing and other more productive activities.

Ultimately this has taken a lot of work to start equalising things out between excessive time online and other things. However this is getting a lot better, after my first trip this year I found it very difficul to transition back into writing, I spent a lot time on other wastful activities. Which resulted in some detrimental results for my blog at www.joelbrown.com.au. However after the second trip things transitioned much more smoothly. I continued the writing through the end of my trip and was able to pick up writing rather than the wasteful activities right away on my return home.

The best advantage that I have found in the past few days after returning home from two weeks for work in New Zealand was that I know I don’t need to go looking for a long list of sites I need to visit every day. I know the few sites I like to keep up to date on and that is that. Which now has led to me spending some time reading each day rather then just sitting at the computer with no real aim on what to achieve.

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