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Any experienced blogger will be able to tell you that the best way to increase visitors to your website is to create value with compelling content. There are a number of reasons why this happens, however the direct opposite will happen if you stop creating content.

I have seen the effects of this the most over the past two weeks, where the level of content that I was able to create and publish has to a large degree dropped to nothing. Just purely due to a lack of time on my part. As a result of this, where last month between the two main blogs I was focusing on, I achieved over 3,000 visitors, I will be lucky to break 2,000 at this point for the month.

If you were to look at the two months in comparison, for November I posted a total of 36 posts between and For the month of December this post will mark just the 5th post for the month. Ok so I know why this is, when you go away and work pretty long days for two weeks you really do not have any time to spend on writing content and getting it published.

So I know exaectly what the problem is however I wanted to make sure that those of you who are new to blogging know what the problem is as well. Expecially if you are new to blogging, this becomes even more important. You need to be creating new and engaging content to gain your audiences attention. Which in the first few months and maybe even up to a year in, your primary audience may just be the search engines.

What about the Search Engines?

So youmay be wondering why the search engines are your part of your audience. I guess the easiest answer to this is how many people do you think will randomely type in Maybe if you are lucky you might get one or two, but how long do you wait for an occasional person to type in

If you want people to find your blog you need it to show up in search results on the search engines. Now to be honest I do not have any special ways or secrets to doing this, there are many people out there that will sell you or at least try to sell you some magic formula. But to be honest I do not really know that you need any formula, because half the time the formula that you will buy is likely to be something that is maybe just borderline within the limits of acceptable policy for most search engines anyway.

The best way to get noticed by the search engines and get your pages listed is in three ways.

1. Create New content that is informative.
2. Create this new content frequently.
3. Be consistent.

This may seem quite simple and you may be thinking but that is what I already do. But the question I ask is do you do all three of the steps. You may create new content that is informative, but do you create new content frequently? You may create new content frequetly but do you publish it consistently. There is no point writing five new posts per week then posting them all at the same time on monday one week then another five the following thursday, then five more then next wednesday. Post one each weekday, that means that if the search engine was to check your site each day it would be seeing something new each day.

That was Quick?

I know this may be a very quick overview however to be truly honest with you, there is a not a lot that I believe needs to happen when it comes to search engines. If you are creating good quality, valuable content. Doing it frequently and consistently, the search engines will see your site once sibmitted and will index your pages.

I have seen this work first hand on my own sites. I have seen posts that I have written show up in search results less then an hour after being published. This has happened many times and I the posts are almost never keyword loaded, never anything truly special, yet because I was regularly updating the search engines were regularly checking my site.

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