Blog Silence, Here Is Why

After such a huge effort in November of writing and such, you may be wondering just what happened in the past two weeks, that saw this blog and my other blogs with almost no updates.

Basically it comes down to work. Where my usual schedule of work allows me to get online and keep doing things at least most of the time. The past two weeks work has been a little bit more full on. I was working in New Zealand for work and need to put in some pretty long days, which left me with only about a day and half to actually do my own thing.

Basically what this means is that my writing has pretty much gone by the way side for the past two weeks, which for me is a ltitle disappointing. However the alternative does work out positive for me in the long run so happy to make the small sacrifice at the moment.

In the next few days I suspect I will get back into doing the writing that I want to do. But besides this I also need to get back to doing some planning for my trip to Europe in March.

The one good thing that I suppose I need to be thankful for is that I had not flung myself straight into another 30 day challenge, as this would really not have worked. No matter what I set my challenge as I really do need time aside to complete it. Most of the time this would be fine with one to two hours. However in this case that is time that I really did not have. Between eating meals, sleeping, shower and commute from hotel to work, I was left with maybe 1 hour most days and some even less. So really not ideal circumstances to work on a challenge of any sort.

At this stage I am not going to push myself into another challenge before at least the beginning of January, however will need to really look at the options of what is happening before getting started. While I do not think I am going to have another two weeks like the past two weeks, I do not want to assume anything before I know for certain.

Anyway one thing that I hope I can say with some certainty is that I will be writing more and posting more over the coming week or two, especially with the time around Christmas that is free time due to public holidays.

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