Writing Challenge Next Steps

Today is the first day after completing my Writing Challenge for November. To be honest I am a little thankful that it is over, but I am at the same time very happy that I did it and saw it through to completion.

I am not going to go into rehashing any of the results, because you can find them in the weekly updates and then final Challenge Update.

Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Week 5 | Final Update

The Biggest Challenge

In the Writing challenge the biggest challenge that I faced was writing the number of words each day. Although getting to 1400 was not such a challenge, as hitting double that which is what I was really pushing for most days near the end. So somewhat my own fault.

The other issue was trying to come up with ideas on what to write about. This was even more challenging towards the end of the month, which I suppose is going to be an issue when you are writing almost 80,000 words in a single month in so many different pieces.

Going Forward

It was nice today, getting up and thinking I do not have to write today unless I am inspired or really want to. As such I have still written two different pieces which were both published, on two seperate blogs.

While I do want to try and be writing every day I am not going to be overly concerned if I do not write every day. Although I think it is going to be pretty hard for me to get through most days without writing something, but I don’t see for the time being that putting a minimum words on a day is going to be needed.

New Projects

This morning I got started with the first steps in the project I am working through this month. It is really getting my travel blog at www.joelbrown.com.au up to date with tags and doing a full copy edit on all the posts, for spelling and maybe even rewriting some little bits if I find that something was written and it did not really make sense.

So far I got this off to a good start, with tagging about 20 posts this morning. Adding Google XML sitemap and also connecting the site with Google webmaster tools. I also finally got connected with the affiliate program for hotels.com which is who I book the majority of my hotels through so that I can promote them a little.

On the closing note I am looking forward to this month for the potential benefit that I can create through putting in the time and effort to better focus the sites that I am working on and we will see how things turn out. Especially after these two sites this one any my travel blog had the best months since I started for visitors. Thank-you to everyone.

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