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Less Time Online = Less Need To Be Online

Over the past year the travel that I have been doing there is a funny thing that I have found. It is to a large degree to do with the amount of time that I spend online and how traveling affects this. For the most part when I travel, especially outside Australia my ability to […]

More Content, More Traffic

Any experienced blogger will be able to tell you that the best way to increase visitors to your website is to create value with compelling content. There are a number of reasons why this happens, however the direct opposite will happen if you stop creating content. I have seen the effects of this the most […]

Blog Silence, Here Is Why

After such a huge effort in November of writing and such, you may be wondering just what happened in the past two weeks, that saw this blog and my other blogs with almost no updates. Basically it comes down to work. Where my usual schedule of work allows me to get online and keep doing […]