Writing Challenge Update, Week 5

Well this update is really not for a full week, in fact it is going to cover just the last four days. It is being released early, on Wednesday rather then Saturday, in conjunction with the overall final update. It was a rocky four days, but I did manage to get through to the end of the challenge, with some surprising results.

Day 27 – Sunday 27th November – Today was one of my toughest days yet, with the challenge to get to 10,000 words over the weekend it was not easy trying to make up the almost 5,000 words. However I did get it done finally by the end of the day, only just scrapping in on time. I worked on quite a number of posts and projects today. Including a few posts that will make their way to this blog. One post for another blog that I am working on. Overall it was a challenging day, I had a lot of unproductive time in which I was trying to think or research or whatever for ideas on what to write. But in the end I made it.

So total words for today come in at 4905, doubling the word goal and four posts published. This gives 16 points for the day and 10 bonus points for hitting the 10,000 word mark for the weekend. In fact I got a total of 10022 words for the weekend, really only just over the goal, I would have liked to really break the goal completely, but you cannot have everything. Overall a good but challenging day. I suppose though the challenging days can be the ones we learn the best lessons from.

Day 28 – Monday 28th November – I suppose when you have done as much writing as I have in the past month it may come to be expected that you are going to have some challenges in finding topics to write about. So this does highlight another day that I had a problem getting started, but I still managed to push through and get a quick post written for one blog and also have put together a highlight post for my last trip just completed. Finally worked on a Day by Day listed of my First trip last year to make it easy for people to find all the different posts for each day in order.

So total words for today is 2881, doubling the word goal and one post published. This gives me 10 points for the day.

Day 29 – Tuesday 29th November – Today I put some social time ahead of my writing which, I suppose is something that you really need to do every now and then. I still did manage to complete at least the minimum word goal today with a post about what I am learning about how to write and how to improve my writing. Along with a little piece on a 30 Day Challenge program that I am thinking about.

So In total this gives me just 1418 words for the day, and nothing published. With a total of just 3 points for today. Not the best day for the second last day of the challenge, but sometimes you need to make these choices and it was good to catch up with this friend.

Day 30 – Wednesday 30th November – Today I do have a little more time then I initially thought that I would, as I am no longer working tonight. As a result the final challenge update and this update are able to land a little bit later then I expect. I also got some more time to work on a number of different posts, for another blog an also work on finishing off some posts and getting them published. I also got to finishing working on a post for the lessons that I have learned this year, and a post about the potential for getting a video camera.

So total words for today is 2956, doubling the word goal and four posts published. This gives me 16 point for the day.

This brings to a close the challenge that I set for myself for November. I will not go into the stats for the last few days here but will rather leave this to the stats for the final challenge update to come soon.

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