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Over the past few days I have really been thinking about my writing a lot. Obviously this month with the writing challenge things have been super heavily focused on writing for me. However in the last few days it has been even more t the front my mind.

The thing that has really brought it up as such a heavy focus in the last few days is the challenges that I have been having actually thinking of topics that I can write about. Or as some people may call it writers block, which I do not think really is my problem, then again maybe it is.

I the reading that I have been doing in a book I bought along with on the Internet there are a few things that come up over and over that may show me a path to better ability to write more easily when I want to, and I want to share these wit you today so that maybe you might gain something if you are having similar problems at all.

Flow Of Consciousness Writing

Different places called this different things, some as above while another called it The Morning Pages. Whatever you call it though it is sitting down with a blank piece of paper and pen or a blank document and just writing absolutely everything that comes to the forefront of your mind.

This does not have to be on a specific topic or for a specific purpose in fact most if not all places I found this mentioned say it is writing that is never revisited. I other words you write down just a flow of conscious thoughts either for a certain amount of time or a certain number of pages and then file it away and that is that.

This was something that I tried for a few days about twelve months ago, however for some reason I did not seem to keep with it. This may have been due to a lack of motivation for writing at the time or maybe I looked at it in the wrong frame, that why am I writing this now when I could be writing something more important. It is something that I will try again soon maybe once I get things sorted out in December with my blog.

The people speaking about using this technique all give it a pretty positive wrap up, and seem to credit it to improving their ability to write. I can see if you are putting so many thoughts on paper how it might create the benefit of a clearer mind or potentially work some of those ideas out that have been stuck in a little deeper then you normally explore.

A Good Writer Is Well Read

Another quite interesting point that I came across from a umber of different sources is that a good writer is well read. Or in other words just because you write yourself does not mean that you ignore what others have written previously.

The way that I take this idea is that the more you read of other peoples work the more likely you will become a better writer yourself. However this specific point is made in connection with reading you writing, not just any old writing. Because I suppose if you read a lot of really bad writing it really won’t actually help you to improve your own writing but more then likely will just keep you in writing more and more bad habits.

This is something that is maybe not something that you can really gauge that well in any short length of time. I think it is only something that will come over a period of time of spying this principle. For example if you started reading many books now, maybe three or four a week, in a month you may not really be able to see any huge difference in your writing. However reading even one or two books a week over the next two years may result in some definite difference in your writing ability.

So this MIT be open of those things that is an only time will tell result, but it is something that I am will to try and incorporate into my life. This could have been difficult before when I was travelling as it can be difficult to carry books everywhere. However Over the past two months I have found that reading using my new iPad is fairly easy and something that I will probably try and incorporate more into my travel and the way that I read books.

Write Often

The final and probably most logical item that I came up with was that you should write often. Some suggest that writing every day is something you should look to incorporate into your daily schedule. While most say if you cannot write every day, at least do it as often as you can.

Over the past month I have really seen the benefits of daily writing. The biggest benefit at least for a portion of the month was that I have found once I have a topic it is much easier to write my thoughts out completely. Where was when I was just writing every now and then I would find that it was easier to come up with the topic but I had a hard time actually completing the thoughts into a fully written piece. Now I can find that it is the reverse, I have more trouble thinking of the topic yet once I have a topic I find that it is quite easy to put the words down.

This is the one of the three items I found that I have now been doing for almost a full month and the one thing that I hope that I can continue into the coming months and years. But don’t be surprised if you see another writing challenge come up to get myself motivated again to keep writing every day.

Writing For The Future

The future for me and writing I hope will be a positive one. I am going to work on implementing the first two items that I mentioned above over the next month or two. Also assuming that I can keep the daily writing or at least frequent writing going, I will hopefully get the trifecta in order and we will just see how this all affects my writing in the coming months and year.

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