Writing Challenge update, Week 4

I have gone from strength to strength with this challenge, I started out fairly slow just trying to make the minimum words. and even missing one day. Where last week I broke that 20,000 word mark and now this week I have broken 2800 words every single day. While I am really getting through the challenge in problem at the moment, I am still left to wonder how I will go after the challenge is complete, something I guess only time will tell.

Day 20 – Sunday 20th November – Today I had given myself a little extra challenge to make a writing goal of 10,000 points for the weekend, unfortunately I missed this, I have come in over 1000 short of that goal. Not to worry I got some good progress today with some work on a new published post for www.joebrown.com.au and also a random piece of work that came via inspiration. I got some work done on a new blog and a page and post published for that. I also started on a post that I really want to get done in the next day or two about the changes to my thinking throughout November. Things are happening, words are forming works some of which are being published the rest of which I hope to soon.

So total words for today was 2833 which doubled the goal, 3 published items. This gives a total of 14 points for today, slowing grabbing back that point goal target.

Day 21 – Monday 21st November – Today seemed to be starting off slowly, but I had made it my goal to definitely break the double word count for today. Which I did achieve. I worked on a couple of posts regarding my focus for next year, I still have some work to do on the third post which at the moment is not started, however I do plan to have them finished by the end of this week, I know what will be in the post just need to take time to put the words down on paper so to speak. Finally I finished off one post for my blog at www.joelbrown.com.au and also started on another about what a day on a cruise ship is like.

So total words for today was 3126 which doubled the goal, and 1 published item. This gives a total of 10 points for today.

Day 22 – Tuesday 22nd November – Today I started out with some more work on the writing that I am doing for a more comprehensive overview of my first overseas trip. This was something that I had put to the background for a bit in favour of writing topics to publish for you to see. The other piece that I was writing today was about Restriction on Photography, I still need to put some thought into the final words of the conclusion, however it is pretty much ready to share soon.

So total words for today was 2924 which double the goal, and I also got one post published. This gives me a total of 10 points for today. At least I am achieving the minimum number of points i need to meet the point challenge each day at the moment.

Day 23 – Wednesday 23rd November – When I started out today I really was not sure if or how I was going to get through the words to write today. I just sat down and went I don’t really feel like writing especially if i have to force myself to come up with a topic. So I started out with doing a rewrite of an article ready for something sometime in the future. Then from this I decided it was finally time to start one of my posts for must see places in the cities I have visited. Then as part of the looking for what to write about i come across a few lists of ideas on posts that people should consider writing for their blogs, and went with one of the topics. So I end up turning a day that started with writers block into a day that was a writing success.

So total words for today was 3339 which doubles the goal. However no posts published today. This gives me a total of 8 points, two off target but will be able to pick this up in the next few days.

Day 24 – Thursday 24th November – I am constantly amazed at how things appear different one different days. For example every day this week since Sunday I have written over 2,800 words. However Yesterday started out with writers block. Now today even though I was able to come up with ideas to write about, when I would go to the word count after writing for what seemed like a while the words were just not there. Luckily though even with three fairly short bit of work to start all around 400 words, I finally got some traction on a post about my plans for December, and another post i started working on that is about the Travel Writing research that I have been doing.

So total words for today was 2918 which doubles the goal, and I got one post published today. This gives me a total of 10 points, right on target again. Hopefully I will be able to maintain breaking the 2,800 word barrier for two more days to score some bonus points and also make a good weekend of writing.

Day 25 – Friday 25th November – Another day, and some more writers block, to start the day, however I suppose it did clear up without to much problems. I started out with a update on this Writing challenge, an update that is a little more in depth then these daily ones. Then got onto a post which I shared on another blog that I work on at times. Finally getting started on reworking some posts on my travel blog and a little work on my travel journal novella thing I am working on. It really was not a bad day really, however hopefully things will flow a little better over the next two days with thoughts of my bonus point challenges.

So total words for today was 2879 which doubles the goal, and I got three posts published today. This gives me 16 points for today, and have some ideas for posts over the next day or two that will be published.

Day 26 – Saturday 26th November – Today got going pretty good, although rather late due to a late night at work last night. The good thing was that I had a topic I was fully ready to get writing today which was about my future travel plans, and this took car for pretty much the entire word goal to start with. Then as I was writing out a To Do List this topic came to mind and I managed to get a post written for this. I finally got one more post written in the personal development stream which will end up being part of a series of Personal Development posts. With a couple more posts for other blogs two of which that I actually published, today has been a good day.

So total words for today was 5117 which doubles the goal, and I got 3 posts published today. This gives me 14 points for today. Today is also day seven in a row that I doubled the word count for a bonus of 15 points. Also it gets me half way to the bonus points if i get 10,000 words for the weekend.

This ends another really good week for me with the writing for this challenge. Total words for this week was 23673 with me breaking the double word goal every single day and 3 days exceeding 3,000 words in one day. The points for the week were even better with 82 points plus 15 bonus points for doubling the word score every day for seven days. Which brings me to a total of 222 points for the challenge in total. This leaves 78 points to make the goal of 300 by Wednesday, which should be possible assuming I can manage to make all the bonus points and at least 10 points each day. So over the coming few days I will be working on some ideas for posts and getting words written, words published and the likes. Published posts for this week come in at 13 again the same as last week.

I have a little bit of work still to do this weekend and over the coming next few days to get to the bonus points and finish the challenge on Wednesday, so still some hard work to come. However whatever happens for the last few days this has been an overwhelming success for me this month.

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