Writing Challenge Nearing An End

So if you have been reading along you might have noticed that I have been undertaking a writing challenge throughout the month of November. Which I must say has been going quite well. At this point now I have just six days of writing left to go and really I have surpassed all my expectations of what I may be able to achieve in the challenge.

Just two more updates

After this update today, there will be just two more updates for the Writing challenge, one tomorrow which will be the weekly update. While the other will be on either Wednesday the 30th of Thursday the 1st. Just depending on the time factor. I start work at 6pm on Wednesday so I may be able to get the final update together.

The Point Challenge

While it is not looking to be the best outcome for the points challenge, I think this is what has motivated me to work at this as hard as I have. Having the point challenge whether I really worked towards achieving it or just doing what I could, trying to get to this has pushed me at least in the last 10 days or so to get words written and to get stuff published.

In fact four of the last five days I have got to the point goal for the day or above. Which is good, If I had been doing this all along the outcome from the challenge would be even greater. Even just really focusing on this in the past 5 days, and with a continued focus of the next six days will see a very good outcome for the challenge overall.

Published Words – 32,864

Published words are at the moment sitting  a little below what I would have liked really only just over half of the total words written for this challenge have been published right now. This is not a big issue though as I do have at least a few more posts pretty close to ready that I will be publishing over the weekend. Plus some Ideas for other a few posts on other blogs in the next couple of days.

As mentioned a few days ago I am unsure if this will actually meet the bonus points goal that I set of 50,000 published words. However if not it is not going to be the end of the world, I should be able to make that 10 points up in some way over the next few days if it is not looking like making it.

Written Words – 61,485

As of this morning my word count was looking very healthy. If i had stuck to the 1400 words per day goal, I should be right now around 34.000 words. So I have really pushed to get through putting in an extra effort. This is one of the areas that has really helped with the points goal. If I can maintain achieving the double word goal each day I will exceed the 75,000 bonus points goal that I set.

In saying this though I really wish that there could be a way to calculate the value of the words that I have written. Not so much in a monetary sense, but in the sense of how much the words written that have been published have made a difference to others.

Six Days To Go Other Notes

Well I will finish this off and get it published. There is not really that much more to add to the above, except that it really is at times a challenge thinking of topics, or actually getting excited about some of the other topics I think of. Oh but of course the topics that don’t excite me generally don’t make it to the point of a publishable post, however I can assure you that there are at least 10 or 15 half done posts I will just as likely hit delete on and move on from.

I would love to hear from anyone who has been doing their own writing challenge or even participating in Nanowrimo. While I would love to write a novel at the moment, I am just not sure that I have that in me right now. I might set that challenge for myself at some point next year.

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