Rethink On December Plans

Last week I made mention of what I would be looking at doing for my next 30 Day Challenge. The idea I was going to be working on was that of a challenge to Generate Ideas, for future writing topics. After thinking this through, I am not so sure that now is the right time to do this. For a couple of Reasons.

Busy Time Of Year

December for me with work is a very busy time of year. There is often extra time in overtime, and it can be a little more challenging getting to work with the added traffic of Christmas shopping. Adding to this it is more difficult getting started after sleeping weird shift work hours and waking up sweating due to the heat mid morning.

While this is not something that really worries me to much in regards to doing the challenge I had planned to Generate Ideas, it is when you work it into some of the other things I have realised I need to be doing. As you will see below.


In the past week or so I have been reading a book by the name of TRAVEL WRITING 2.0 by Tim Leffel. This has been a very interesting book for me in light of the blog that I currently operate at It really has got me thinking about what I need to do to make my offering a little more specific and unique, rather then just a general travel blog like I have.

So to be honest I think that it might be a wise decision to actually get really 100% clear on what I am planning to offer for the future before I begin generating to many ideas. Actually getting the clarity on what I plan to offer in the future may also help me to better focus the ideas that I generate. Because if I know this is an area that I will be absolutely focused on, then I can generate better ideas that will work with that focus rather then trying to generate ideas that could come from anywhere.

Cleaning Up My Blog

Something else I have been planning to do for quite some time on my travel blog is actually get it up to scratch. While the appearance at the moment I am happy with there is a lot of little things I need to fix up. For example poor form as it may be much of it has not been edited as such, meaning I am sure that there are more then a few spelling and/or grammatical errors.

There are some other areas that need work as well, for example I have completed all these posts, but have not really put in anything in the way of tags or other potential SEO items. Also the potential to better caption the photos on the blog. One thing that I have learnt about trying to blog while I am travelling is that I need to make sure that I do give myself a proper amount of time to write a post, edit it or send it to someone to edit for me, and better caption the photo’s.

Decide New or Existing Blog

While I expect that I will always maintain as a travel blog following my day to day travels when I am on the road, and other bits and pieces when I am at home. I do also think that to fully take advantage of the Travel Writing that I want to do another blog may be the way to go.

In starting a new blog I would be looking to focus very much so on one area of travel, or one particular region. The challenge that I face at the moment with this is making a decision on what area or region to focus on. This means looking at the options and seeing what I am going to be able to become an expert at. It also needs to be an area that I can create a lot of content up front without huge investment of time or money, and that I can continue to build upon over the coming months and years. I do have some ideas on this front I just need to look at them a little more closely.

So What Becomes of the 30 Day Challenges

Well nothing will really change for the challenges that I have planned except that they will just be moved back by I am expecting about a month. So the Generate Ideas Challenge will most likely land in January Now, and I will than look at kicking the next challenge off somewhere in the first week of February. This should ensure these first two challenges are all wrapped up by the time that I leave for Europe in March.

December Focus Areas

So to wrap things up I just want to cover what areas I will be focusing on in December. Which although not a challenge will be the things that I am working on.

In some ways this is almost going to make the coming month more intensive then my writing challenge in November. However in a different way, by working with existing content and not really having any sort of metric to base it on except for number of posts completed. I may look in the next couple of days and try and work out a method that I can use to make this into a challenge so that I have a little more motivation to keep  it going.

So I look forward to sharing this and more growth experiences over the month of December. The thing that I come to realise in making this decision is that just because you make a decision to do one thing does not mean that you cannot change course if you see a definite need to.

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