My Favourite Facebook Apps

I was looking for some ideas on what to write about today, and I came across the suggestion to write about your favourite Facebook Apps. Which I thought could be interesting topic, however I must digress the title is a little deceptive.

The problem with the topic of My Favourite Facebook Apps, is that I really to be honest do not have any at all. The majority of what I am use to seeing on Facebook that could even come close to being called an App are games.

I mean I have not really gone out of my way looking, but to be honest I do not connect Facebook with Apps. If I am looking for an App I pick up my iPad.

The thing about Facebook is that I use it just to a level that I am happy with. I use it to connect with friends, and to share some things with friends. Which is maybe a total of 15-20 minutes at the outside. I just do not really see that I would really want to spend any more time on Facebook then I do now.

The more time I spend on Facebook the more chance that I will be distracted in someway, or somehow by something that is not part of what I am trying to do. For example I cannot see the point in an App that is anything to do with productivity, because it is to easy to be distracted by a friends update, or something.

Although I guess this depends on what you define as an App on Facebook. So I went on to the Facebook site and looked under the more option for Apps to the left. Interesting yes I am correct, that all the games are listed as apps. All of which show that I last used them more than a month ago.

More interesting to me is that four of the main things that I do on the Facebook site are listed as Apps. Although I thought that they were just parts of the Facebook Site. These are Find Friends, Photos, Messages and Events. All of which I use on a fairly regular basis, which I suppose when you think about it could make them my Favourite Apps. However I think it is more just part of the site.

I would be interested to know if you have had a different experience with anything that could be listed as an App on Facebook? Or could it just be that we are being a little fooled into to spending more time on a website that takes time away rather then giving us anything of real value.

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