Writing Challenge Update, Week 3

This week has been a pretty amazing week, I did achieve a lot not just in words written, but also in getting posts published and points down. I will cover the totals for the week at the end, but all in all I am very happy with this week. The only thing that could have been better may have been to get some more days where I doubled that goal words but all in all a good week.

Day 13 Sunday 13th November – I did feel like I had some challenges today actually writing. It took a while for me to get started on the two completely new pieces that I wrote today which were actually pages for my travel blog, rather then actual content. I also spent a couple of hours working on the updates for my Melbourne trip, actually rewriting large portions of them, however only counted the additional words over the point i started at. Then got the pictures added to them. So this is positive I will be ready to schedule for posting all six posts tomorrow which will be a total of about 4800 published words.

I also got through writing another post reviewing my focus area’s over the past year, I felt it relatively safe to write this now as the coming month or so will be focused on working and earning income which was not relevant to any of my focus area’s over the past year, however can alter accordingly if anything really changes.

Total for today was 3419 words, and with two new pages published (4 points) and achieving the word goal (3 points) and doubling the word goal (5 points) for today a total of 12 points was added.

Day 14 Monday 14th November – I had a good start this morning, which is something that I am going to have to follow up in the coming days in conjunction with work. Being that today is like a normal day before heading to work made it seem easier to get things done this morning. I got a good start on a post about how to create your list of areas to focus on. I also put in some time to get the six posts that I have written for my time in Melbourne online. At this point they are all ready to publish and are scheduled for the next 5 days with the first being published today. Because they were all scheduled today I will mark them all as published today to avoid having to remember them each day. Finally I got started on the fourth assignment for my course that I am doing, it will require another couple of looks and edits before it is complete but I got a start which is good.

Total for today was 2143 words, and with the six posts scheduled (12 points) and achieving the word goal (3 points) a total of 15 points. Today is a good day, things will be good if I can continue with the progress over the weekend and today.

Day 15 Tuesday 15th November – Today is half way through November and I am happy to say that I have made it through this far in the month with just the one day that I missed. Today I achieved the word goal without a problem, doing a few things on my to-do list. The first thing was to rewrite some articles for a new website I have set up, this covered almost the entire word goal. Then adding to this I started on a post for this blog about the lessons that I learned in 2011. Hopefully I will have this post completed in the next few days and get it posted. This pretty much rounds out my writing for today and with some limited time due to working late and starting again very soon. I am happy to get to the point I did today. I did however also get 4 rewritten posts published today, however due to only being a rewritten post will only count this as two giving four points.

Total for today was 2078 words, plus the two published posts. Which gives a total of 7 points for today.

Day 16 Wednesday 16th November – The most challenging day yet for me. After finishing work at 3.10am getting home and sleeping through until 11.00am, and then needing to be back at work for 3.30pm. I was expecting that I might face a challenge in trying to get the word count sorted today. In some ways I have because my list of things that I have ready to write about seems to be getting shorter. While at the same time the things on the list require much more though. Even in this challenging day, I have made the word count with really about an hour to spare. I added another lesson I learnt this year to a post, and also got a good start on my 2011 achievements posts. Plus a couple of additions to other posts I have been working on.

Total for today was 1801 words, and that is about all. Which gives me just 3 points for today.

Day 17 Thursday 17th November – Today the writing was not to bad, I did get off to a somewhat slow start, in writing two of the items i was working on today. One was for a new blog that I am still really working on the direction of, and could not really decide the angle of the post, however I will work on it a little more in the next week or so and see how it goes. The other was a sales page for a new service in my business, I to some extent struggled with the words for this. However then I got started on a post that was specifically about how to book a holiday right. This is of course to do with travel which is sort of an area of passion for me which made it easier. Finally got writing about the writing for this challenge and some of the issues that I am having and it is one that I actually got published today.

Total for today was 2891 words doubling the word goal and published one post. Which gives me a total of 10 points for today.

Day 18 Friday 18th November – Today was not such a big day for writing, I had started out with the hope of making it another double the word count day. But alas this was not going to happen, once i started researching a few ideas for posts and end up reading a lot more on blogs then I should be. Even this being the case I got a good bit of writing in on a post about the lessons I learned while travelling, which I will do a little bit of fine tuning on before posts early next week. I also got a short quick post done about the potential for a 30 day ideas generation challenge for next month. The ideas generation challenge is what has been the thing that has lost my focus a little on writing however I am still focused enough to push through and get the words on paper.

Total for today was 1867 words and one published post. Which gives me a total of 5 points for today.

Day 19 Saturday 19th November – Today was almost a repeat of last Saturday, well at least for word count anyway. I worked on a total of 8 different posts or projects today, which was fantastic. Some of the posts are for the future, while others just need a little more work. Which I know is something that I have been saying a lot this week, however it is something I just need to make the time for in the next week. I am not going to go into details on everything I worked on today, just share the total and get this posted as it is running late.

Total for today was 5853 words which doubled the goal and one published post. Which gives me a total of 10 points for today.

So taking a look back at this fantastic week the stats look a little bit like this. Total words for the week come in at 20032 with three of the seven days achieving more then double the word goal. To actually break the 20000 words written in a week totally blows me away, I never thought I would get that high, in fact if I was to stick to just the 1400 word goal it would take me twice as long to get to 20000 words. In total I scored 62 points which is much closer, but still not quite to what I need to achieve my original points goal. Total points so far for the points challenge come in at 140, which is about 50 points short of where I need to be, I am unsure at this point if I can catch that up. I published a total of 13 posts and pages across multiple blogs this week as well.

I know that last week when I broke the 5000 word mark I decided to give a little incentive with 10 bonus points. While I did want to repeat this week, it was a one off bonus. So this week I will do a one off bonus, however only if I can do a cumulative 10,000 words for the weekend. So this leaves another 4147 words that I need to get written on Sunday to achieve this. If I can make these additional words then I will be more then happy to add on a bonus 10 points. The only thing is that I do have limited time tomorrow so I will have to see how things go.

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