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November has turned out to be one of those months. A month just like the many months that come before it, where my ability to think of new, and creative ideas and topics to write about has been pretty dry. In saying this though, I have got by surprisingly well to date, being able to get words written for my writing challenge.

Obviously the writing challenge that I am undertaking in November is a good indication that writing is something that I want to do. I would ideally be writing every day, and would hope that it is something I can make money with.

The problem is that I cannot write the sort of content that I would like, which is interesting content that creates value for the readers, without topic ideas to write about. The last thing that I want to be doing is writing a whole lot of posts that give nothing to the people reading them, this in my opinion is just not very useful to anyone. I gain little experience by writing posts with no value, while the people reading them also gain nothing from reading them.

At this point in the month for my writing challenge, I just have to work with what I have, which is digging for ideas when I need them. Luckily in the past day while this topic of this post has been in my head, I have come up with maybe a dozen good ideas that I will work on through the end of November. However one day of inspiration will only last so long.

So what am I to do about this. Then it sparked for me, if I can do a 30 day writing challenge, there is no reason that I cannot do a 30 day idea challenge. Looking at different ways that I can generate ideas and have a little challenge to put together a certain number of ideas each day, using these methods.

As a part of this challenge I think it is also wise that I look back over the past posts that I have posted that discuss working with ideas. There was one I remember I discussed an ideas journal and I am sure that there are some others around on my blog here as well. But this will also be the time that I look at creating a better system to help generate, record and process ideas as they come to me and make use of them when I am looking for something to write about.

So this is just a small little mention about what you may expect to see coming next month, and would love to here your ideas and thoughts on this topic. But would also love to find out about other people that are working on a similar challenge and what sort of results they have achieved.

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