Writing Going Well, But…

So to date my little writing challenge is going well. I am actually getting in and doing writing every day, and making it to my word count easier and easier. The odd day I may find that I struggle a little bit, however in general it is not as difficult as I thought to write 1,400 words a day. In some case many more then 1,400 words a day.

There is a little something that is a little hollow about some of the writing I am doing though. I feel that in some ways, the pieces that I am writing are while not forced, not exactly flowing either. The sort of piece that I love to write is when I can sit down for one hour and start typing and get to the end of the hour and have a pretty much finished post.

On the other hand many of the posts that I have been working are pieces that seem to require more thought or don’t seem to have a proper conclusion come to mind at the time that I am writing it. For example I might write about my achievements of the last year, and while I at times can clearly state them all, when sitting down to write it seems like I am challenged to think of much at all, so I may have written 880 words for this post at the moment, however have at least three or four more points I think I could make but find it somewhat challenging to fully write this into words.

This could just be a short term issue I am hoping, and will just have to see how things go over the next two weeks, especially in relation to the challenge. However I may look at other avenues as well. As there is a lot of topics that I would like to write about it sometimes just seems somewhat challenging to actually think of the topics. I know that I have previously written about keeping journals of topics to write about, however this has been something that has not been happening for me recently, so maybe it is time to get back into making this a big part of my process.

The other side of this is that while I am writing every day and getting words on paper, this is not translating into as many published words or posts as I would like. So far this month I have published roughly 19,000 words, with about 17,000 of them between this blog and www.joelbrown.com.au. This translates to less then half the total words that I have written for this challenge. While I would like to be actually writing words that are ready to be published.

As such I am thinking of moving to a new challenge for December where I work to publish 500 words per day. I know that this is a lot lower amount than this challenge, however I believe that it may be more feasible for me to achieve a published post where I am working towards 500 words per day then to just be writing to get to 1400 words per day. While the other challenge is getting to the ideas of what to write about I may consider just moving the published words challenge to January and set some sort of challenge to create ideas for posts. Either way I will think it over and make sure I let you know before the end of the month.

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