Writing Challenge Update, Week 2

Things this week have really stepped up from last week. Where I was struggling through making the word count some days and even missed one day. This week I have got the words every day, albeit with a little bit of pushing late at night sometimes, I have still made it. some of the highlights this week are two days where I doubled my daily word count and one of those days I actually exceeded 5,000 words. Which has absolutely amazed me. I am so grateful that this challenge has got me really working towards achieving the goal that I set at the end of last month and only hope that I can continue with the same success that I have achieve this week.

Day 6 Sunday 6th Nov – Writing was in some ways a challenge today. It was not that I could not write or did not have anything to write about, it is just that the time I had seemed to get mostly used up in social activities. I only just managed to make the goal for today before heading to bed. Some of this goal was through words for a post on Melbourne, one which at this point may never see the light of day. While the rest were an addition to my Novella which I am working on for my first trip. Total word count for today was 1,433, and there was no posts published so just the standard 3 points.

Day 7 Monday 7th Nov – Today while I comfortably made the word goal, it was again not until the last minutes before going to bed. With the trip this time, and spending time with my friend while I am here the time I have to write is much reduced. I put some time into two posts today, one which I posted a short one just updating my travel blog about what is happening in Melbourne and when to expect actual updates. While the second one was what will be the major part of the travel update for Melbourne, which I will work on day to day while here, and finalise at home. Total word count for today was 1,605, and there is one post published so 5 points today.

Day 8 Tuesday 8th Nov –  Getting the writing done today was yet again a challenge, even though I put an effort in this morning and got some words down, it still did not make it any easier later in the day. The problem is really the time that I am getting back to the hotel to begin writing while away this time. It is just to late. However even this being the case I did put in the effort and worked on three different posts. The first was getting this post up to date, I also added to my Melbourne Post and finally a piece which will be looking to help me find work with my passion. The best thing was that I got to the goal with 1527 words for today. There is no published posts though and no other points so just 3 points for today.

Day 9 Wednesday 9th Nov – I really did get things done a little bit better today. I was able to get started this morning with two sessions of writing one at my hotel. Then a second while having a coffee. This got me off to a good start, and I was able to fit in two more sessions before returning to the hotel tonight one was while having a drink at a stop on the tour, and the second was on the tour bus while returning to Melbourne. The words today were split between 4 posts, the update for Melbourne, a new post for the tour I was on today, a new posts about some tips to save money while travelling, and finally the update for this post. In total giving me 1749 words for the day. Again with nothing to publish this will be another 3 points today.

Day 1o Thursday 10th Nov – Today while I did make an attempt to get started early it was not the best outcome. while I comfortably made the word goal today and actually got quite well on the way to making double the word count, it just was not going to be possible due to time issues. I wrote one new post which was in relation to the Penguin Parade Tour which I took on Wednesday evening. I also added some more words to the post for the overall tour. Plus updated both this post and my Melbourne Post. which gives me a total of 2844 words. This today gives me another 3 points for reaching the goal and 5 points for doubling the goal so 8 points in total, no posts published today however over the coming days this should change.

Day 11 Friday 11th Nov – I did not get off to such a good start this morning, due to the way my day was organised I wanted to get going early. As such the thing I sacrificed was my writing. However I still do make the target with work on three posts. The first was a post about my hotel which I stayed in wile in Melbourne. The second was the final update on the Melbourne post for my recent trip, this will become multiple posts though. Finally I had some inspiration to write about Personal Development and Me this should be ready and public within the next couple of days. All up this brings the word count to 2162. Which is just another 3 points. From today on I hope to be a little more present and able to be more into getting things done early.

Day 12 Saturday 12th Nov – Today got off to a really great start with a post about the writing that I am doing for this challenge, it has got me almost the whole way to the daily goal with not to much of a problem. I also got the first post relating to my Melbourne trip online about the Phillip Island Penguin Parade. Later this afternoon I also managed to get a post written for another blog that I have and published this. This evening I managed to push things into a higher gear again through beginning a couple of new posts, and also managed to get a few words written and published on a new website I have been working.

All up this gives me 5349 words for the day, which is quite a good result I believe. The points for today has also been a great result, having published multiple posts and pieces I gain 12 points from published content, and 3 points from the word count goal, 5 points for doubling the goal and a one off 10 points for breaking the 5,000 word mark today.

Overall for the week, things have not gone to badly. I of course achieved the word goal every day. Actually writing 15,142 words for the week. Doubling my goal just 2 times in the week and publishing just 7 posts. While I would have liked to get more posts published this is just the way things go.

As to the points for the week I managed to get 55. This still places me well behind the eight ball on achieving the 300 points target. Total points for the challenge so far come to 78 on a target as at today of 120 points. So 42 points short of where I need to be. However in the next few days I will be publishing a number of posts, and have some idea’s that I want to write about which may help me double the word goal a couple of times. So just going to hold on to things and see how we go over the next week and hopefully I might be able to regain some ground to the points challenge. I may look at doing another one off point bonus, however will not look at this until closer to the end of the week.

As an interesting side note with the words that I have written this week, I actually averaged of 2,100 words per day. This is half again above the daily goal I set. If I do happen to maintain this writing rate I will exceed my goal words by around 17,000 words. This will mean that the content I have created in the past month will be around the same as 20% of the content that I have published to date between the four blogs I have been operating over the past couple of years. Seeing this result is amazing and I will just keep working towards that goal.

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