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Over the past year while I have been watching the traffic and statistic for my blog here I have become quite confused about one thing in particular. There is a post that I wrote sometime ago back in 2009, which gets substantially more traffic then any other post on my blog. I would even potentially say more traffic every month then any other post over the life of the blog.

The post I am talking about here is http://joelbrown.id.au/2009/03/09/put-your-message-on-your-building/ and collectively year to date it has been responsible for about one quarter or 25000 page views. Now I could understand it getting this sort of attention if it was anything special. But to be honest it is not even really a proper post it was just a quick this tip sounds good kind of post.

The post itself is probably less then 300 words and is a total of 3 paragraphs. If you look at other content on the site such as posts which actually do mean something and that actually do provide valuable content they are getting much lower views. For example the next most popular post is http://joelbrown.id.au/2009/04/16/10-ways-to-get-more-blog-visitors/ Which actually provides information I believe many people are going to be looking for. Irrelevant of whether what I have provided will fulfil their needs. This post year to date has gained just under 1000 page views. 25 times less then the above post.

While I am not complaining about getting this sort of views on any page, it just confuses me as to why and what I can do to see if they are genuine visitors or just spam bots trolling sites to post comments.

The comments could have been something that was happening here. However last month I implemented some measures to try and minimise spam comments. Which have worked perfectly. They have stopped the spam comments entirely. However the flow of visitors to this page have not slowed down and in fact visitors are growing even faster then last month. At the currant rate I will exceed last months visitors in the next 5 or 6 days.

Oh well I guess some of these things are just the mystery of the internet. It just would be nice to see this volume of traffic converting in some way into sales or some sort of revenue.

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