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Today is day 12 for the writing challenge that I am undertaking for November. So far I am well and truly on track, having only missed the target on one day, which was early on. However even though I am on track based on achieving the words per day, I am still facing challenges in other aspects of the challenge, in two different areas. First actually getting posts published and second the point challenge I also set.

Getting Posts Published

To date this has been something of a challenge for me, within the time of the challenge. I seem to be getting a lot of words written, however to date this has only translated into a few actually published posts. The biggest challenge has been time, more so in the past five days.

Ordinarily when I am travelling, at least to some degree I have had no problems having the time to write my blog and get the pictures sorted and publish the posts. Albeit when I am motivated to do so. However this short trip to Melbourne to spend time with my friend saw this become something of a challenge. When I am travelling alone I tend to get out early do as much as I can with the day, and get back to the hotel and have dinner somewhere around 8 or 9 in the evening. On this occasion though I was getting back to the hotel after all said and done by about 11-11.30pm.

This should be something that will change over the coming few days. I do have pretty much everything written for the posts to cover my time in Melbourne. All that they require is a little cleaning up and the pictures added. Which really should not be much of a challenge at all. So at least this will I hope turn around in the next few days.

Points Challenge Problems

When I initially decided to undertake the challenge I really thought that a point system to encourage me to aim for different additional goals would be a good idea. In many ways I still think it is, however at this point I do not see this going really all that well. For the first five days of the challenge I did not even make it to half the points I needed for these five days and it is actually going even worse this week.

This is to some degree due to not as many posts published as I had thought I may, however I have at a rough estimate about 10 posts almost ready to go between this blog and my travel blog.

The other part of this was that I expected it would be a little easier to make it to my word goals each day, and subsequently double the goal a little more often. On the other hand I have found that at least for the last five days I have been writing at completely the wrong part of the day, often between 11pm and 1am. While I am getting the writing done, I am only just making the goal many days or just a couple of hundred words over.

Right now the only way that I am going to even have a chance at getting to the points goal is to publish posts and work on really doubling the goal at least every second day. I may even add a further word bonus if I can break the 5,000 word mark any day.

What I am Writing

Even though I am doing public updates once a week where I cover what the previous week has been like, without actually publishing much it is hard for a lot of people I imagine to figure out just what I am working on. So I would like to cover a little bit here breaking down where the words I have written so for for this challenge have gone. At least the majority of them as I do not want to bore you explaining every little detail of the words, and it is more to give you an idea of what is in posts that are not yet published.

At the time of writing this posts I had 20,347 words written for this challenge written in the first 11 days of the challenge. This works out to be an average of just under 1850 words per day.

Of the words written to date only 3,164 of these words have been published between a total of four posts, two each on this blog and my travel blog. This is likely to increase over the next few days though, however there is still a fair size group of words which may or may not be published this month.

Over 6,500 words have been written for posts updating about my time in Melbourne over the past 5 days, this will probably drop by a few words when I clean it up or maybe not we will see if I feel more detail is needed or not. However these should all be published within the next 7-10 days.

I have also started writing a short story about the first trip that I took overseas. This is something that I doubt will be finished by the end of the month, however it is also something I will probably be working on to some extent every day or at least every couple of days. At this point it is up to about 3,600 words.

There is also around 2,700 words written which are in posts that I will likely finish up and post in the coming week or two. All up this accounts for just over 15,000 of the words and the rest is in posts or in progress pieces that I will have to evaluate if I continue working on them or what may happen.

Words Used Or Unused

While I will be publishing quite a few of the words, the challenge is not entirely about getting words published. While that is one aspect of the challenge it is not the only aspect. As such while at this point I am most likely going to reach the word count goal. In what I actually get written, exactly how much of that will be published is another thing. Only time will tell, I do hope to get a lot of it published but we will see.

Right now I am enjoying the challenge and really happy that for the most part 12 days in I am still on track. Only missing one day is a real bonus and it was not even that I did not write that day. I did write over 700 words, so things are going great, and it is great to see that I can get in and do the writing when I want to.

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