Writing Challenge Update, Week 1

While not officially the first complete week, I would prefer an end of week update myself then doing it each Tuesday. Sunday gives me a little bit more time to work on things, during the week, which are less focused on looking at stats. While Sunday gives me a little more relaxed time to sit down and look back at the previous week for the update.

Day 1 Tuesday 1st Nov – Today I started with almost a right on target effort. I wrote a post for the blog here, which outlined my first experience with StumbleUpon Paid Discovery. This post itself came in at 1,403 words, which was a good start to the challenge. This also gives me 5 points, 3 points for achieving the word goal and 2 points for a published post for the challenge.

Day 2 Wednesday 2nd Nov – Things started off a little bit challenged today. I did start two posts neither of which is published yet, and still need some work before they will be published. However in saying that I did comfortably achieve the word goal today, well eventually anyway. I completed a post Europe ToDo this is something I will be posting on my Travel Blog once I get the series of posts finished ready to go, around the end of December. The second piece I started working on today may or may not end up on the Travel Blog, it is a piece that is about visiting the West Coast of America. The total words for today come in at 1,770 which gives me 3 Points for today.

Day 3 Thursday 3rd Nov – Another day with nothing to publish, but a good word count none the less. The first piece was what I am calling a thought piece, this will see the light of day however in what way I am still unsure and it still requires some work. The other piece is also a work in progress about generating income online, it uses some fairly established techniques but hopefully does so in a way that anyone can understand it. Total words for today actually comes to 2,067, a good effort and another 3 points.

Day 4 Friday 4th Nov – Things went a little bit south today. I had a rather late night on Day 3, and was due to head off for the night for a bucks party. All in all this left me with little time to write much. As a result I missed my goal of 1,400 words today and barely made it halfway there with just 781 words. The two pieces i started today were both pieces that will require a lot more work to publish and to be honest one of them I may even end up scrapping. The second one will most definitely get there in the end but has a lot of work to go. So the first day failed, not bad though that I got through to day 4 before this happened. No Points today either.

Day 5 Saturday 5th Nov – I lost a lot of writing time today, the first reason was another late night last night, plus the need to get to bed early for a flight to Melbourne in the morning. But the more draining part was helping a friend with getting around to updating her Ipad, this took a lot more time then expected and still not done, need to go back when we have more time. Even this being the case I still managed to get some good writing done. This update was the second piece I worked on and the other peice was a little update about my trip to Melbourne, both will be published on respective blogs today and come to a total of 1,237 words. However I also put in some more work on one of the pieces I started yesterday with another 1,769 words, which actually brings the total today to 3,006. This means that for today I get the 3 points for meeting the goal along with 5 points for doubling the goal and 4 points for publishing 2 posts.

For the week on points this gives me a total of 23 points. Which when you consider I set my goal at 300 points is not a great start, however I am reasonably happy at this point. It just means that I will have to work a little bit harder to get things moving in the coming weeks, get more things published and do some good double word days.

In total for the 5 days that I have been working on the challenge I have written 9,027 words. While I did miss the target on Day 4 and have not quite been able to publish as many pieces as I would have liked. It has still been a successful week in my opinion. If you look at the word count as a whole for the five days I made it no problem. But I am still aiming for consistency in writing every day.

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