30 Day Writing Challenge In A Few Days

So early next week, on Tuesday in fact, will be the beginning of my 30 day Writing Challenge. It has come up relatively quickly, but then I did only begin talking about it a little over a week ago. We all know just how fast a week can go by.

My biggest challenge at the moment though lies in actually knowing if I will be able to succeed or not. If the previous week is anything to go by I am going to be pushing up hill to make it through. However until I am actually working through the day to day of it, I guess I will not really know how it will go at all.

Writing the past week

In the past week I really have been all over the map with my writing, there were some days (in fact three days) where I did not write a single productive word. Which really is what is worrying me about my challenge to somewhat. This is not something that I want to be forcing my way through it is something that I know I will enjoy once I get the rhythm going of writing daily.

Then there are other days like last Sunday, where I wrote a total of 2,190 words. This was for the most part a post about my upcoming trip to Europe at 1760 words and is in fact the longest post I have written to date for any of my blogs.

How to Prepare for the coming Challenge

Ultimately after the experience that I have had in the past week, I think one of the best approaches is going to be to do a little bit of up front research. Of course this does not mean do any of the writing up front. I know I want every word written as part of the challenge to be part of unique content within the time frame. More what I mean is research topics to write about.

While there have been topics that I have previously researched for many of my posts, and actually been on the ground for many of my posts at www.joelbrown.com.au. This will be a fairly new avenue for me. As one of my focuses this month is going to be content related to my trip to Europe. So I will be looking to write a number of different posts about cities that I have never visited. Exploring what it is about those cities that I want to explore and looking at the options of how to travel between these cities.

Of course travel topics will not be the only topics I will be looking at next month as I want to be able to showcase how my skill vary from one subject to another. So I want to be able to find information in at least 2 other topics maybe 3 that I can write and subsequently share in various ways. I believe that it is going to be more beneficial to get this underway now, at least the research and preparation before the challenge starts, when I would prefer to be focusing my time on the actual writing itself.

Looking Forward to it

Ultimately I am still looking forward to the challenge even though my actual writing in the past week has not been what it was for the first few weeks of October. However there are of course reasons that I can see for this. In the first half of October I had a number of posts to get written around the end of my last trip. Plus I made the realisation that I had not put in the effort I should in getting a series of posts written from my trip earlier in the year about the Panama Canal cruise I undertook.

Anyway just three days to go so if this is of interest to you, keep an eye out as I will be keeping things up to date on the blog, with just what I have achieved and how things are going.

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