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Just about anyone that has run a blog of their own, will know that one of the biggest hassles can be the amount of SPAM Comments. I doubt that my case is really that severe, however it was enough to get me fairly annoyed and off to find a solution. A solution that would not just put the comments into a queue to be moderated, but a solution that would stop them all together.

The biggest problem in fighting spam comments is that you just do not know that it is something you have to fight until you are already fighting it. By that time you just go with the quickest and easiest solution. For me this turned out to be Akismet, which comes as part of WordPress. While this is a good solution as it stops 98% of the spam comments ever making it to being visible by your visitors, at some stage you still have to take action on at least a portion of those comments. Whether it is reviewing them to be sure there are not real comments in their or just deleting them all anyway.

This all came to a head for me about a week ago. When I logged in to do a bit of work on my blog and realised in the past ten days I had been hit with almost 1800 spam comments. I was not going to go through them, so I just hit the button “empty spam” and kept on working. Just a few hours later there was already another 27 comments waiting in the spam folder. I needed to do something.

Rather then try and figure it out to much on my own, I posed the question to some people that might be knowledgeable. I asked “How to stop Spam Comments?” and quickly had the answers that I needed and a solution that now almost a week later is working just fine.

Step 1. Install Plugin “Bad Behavior” – This plugin acts much like a gatekeeper for your website and works to prevent spammers ever delivering the spam comments to your website.

Step 2. Install Capcha Plugin – It does not really matter which Capcha plugin you choose. Any will be suitable I personally choose to use a Maths based version. You can see this right at the very bottom of the page below the comment box.

Step 3. Enjoy no SPAM comments, or at least a very much reduce flow.

Since implementing the above, I have seen a total of ZERO spam comments. Now it has only been 5 days, however I would imagine that this is a good indication of what to expect in the coming weeks and months. Of course there is always going to be people who are looking to send spam comments your way and the only hope is that having a good solution in place and keeping it up to date will be able to help keep your blog SPAM free.

As a side note, I would mention that while the Bad Behavior plugin does block in some ways the people or automated bots that try to spam your blog. I have not actually noticed any affects on traffic or visitors as a result. Average daily visitors/visits is roughly around the previous average. However I believe that maybe in a month or two I will be better able to see just what affects this change has in that respect. If anything even if it drops, this will be a better more accurate reflection of visitors to my site.

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