30 Day Writing Challenge Word & Points Goal

A few days ago I discussed a small challenge that I will be taking on for the month of November. This is my 30 Day Writing Challenge. In this post I included the thought that rather then just challenging myself to write a certain number of words each day, I would also have a small points system that would go beyond just writing words. So I wanted to share with you today the word goal I have set and the point system that I plan to use.

Word Goal for Writing Challenge

After much deliberation I have settled on a target of 1,400 words per day. You may be asking why not a round amount like 1,000 or for a challenge 2,000. Well there are a number of reasons. In regards to a goal of 1,000 words, it really would not be a challenge for me. The majority of the time in a single post I will write between 500 and 600 words. So I could easily meet the 1,000 target without putting in much more effort then I already do on individual posts.

While 1,000 I feel is maybe to easy for me, 2,000 words would be a considerable stretch. In total looking back at my post archives I have a total of maybe 20-30 posts which exceed 1,000 words. Which means ultimately I would be working on maybe three if not four individual posts or projects, which would not be a bad thing. However the time that I have to dedicate to this challenge at the moment, would mean that I would have to sacrifice quality to really be able to achieve this. I am not prepared to sacrifice quality though.

So I settled on 1,400 words. This gives me a bit of a challenge to expand the average number of words per post by 100-200 words. Which I feel confident I can do and still maintain quality. It is also at a point that on the days I have more time, and want to work on doubling this figure 2,800 words is easily achievable, if I put my mind to it.

Why Have A Point System

This is always a good question why. In my case far to often I will set challenges or goals that it is not very obvious to anyone but me weather I have actually completed the challenge or not. By putting a points system in place it allows me to track my progress in two different ways. But most importantly because I am making this a public challenge it also makes it easy for anyone following along to track my progress as well.

There is also a second motive to creating this points system that will be more evident further on when you see how I have constructed the point system. Basically the points system is here to motivate me to write in certain format’s. These format’s are ones that are actually immediately useable, for example Blog Posts, Assignments, or short guides which can be released to the public relatively quickly. This is primarily to avoid the scenario where I will invest all the effort in writing for this challenge into something that is not actually ever seen by anyone, or that will take longer then the time in this challenge to actually complete.

How Do I Score Points

I do not want to make this to overly complicated, because even though this is a challenge, I want to spend majority of the time working on he challenge not on actually figuring out and updating you on just what the score is. So I have come up with five things that I will score points for on any particular day. Some are to do with the actual daily words written, while some are to do with the tasks I complete and what I get published.

What Is The Point Goal

Basically the goal for the number of points I will be looking for is 300 points. With 30 days in the challenge this makes the target for 10 points per day. So as you can see to actually achieve this goal I need to do more then just achieve my minimum daily writing goal. Not only do I need double my writing goal but also need to publish content, or complete assignment’s for my writing course I am currently working on.

Ready To Go

This pretty much puts me at a point that I am ready to get started with this writing challenge on the 1st of November. Whatever the outcome, whether I make the points goal or not, I will be happy with the success of the whole challenge if I can manage to write the minimum number of words each day. Having the points goal is just purely a little extra incentive to get actual purposeful work done.

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