30 Day Writing Challenge

I have been thinking about it for a while and thought it was about time that I actually got in an did a 30 day challenge for myself. I have discussed it a couple of times in the past and never actually put in the effort to get started with anything. But finally it has come to my notice that I need to do something to help with my writing and I thought what better way then a 30 day challenge.

From the first of November I will be taking on a series of Challenges specifically in relation to my writing. Starting at the beginning of November makes the most sense to me at the moment, as I have a structure month to work within. For example if I started today or even tomorrow it is kind of just random, and more difficult to follow. At least that is the way that I look at it anyway. So November is going to be Writing month for me.

Why A Writing Challenge
Writing is something that has always been something I have worked on. If you look around my blog here, or any of my other blogs.(Joel Brown TravelsNo Fixed OfficeDouble to a Million Project) You will see that I have written while not a lot, a resonable collection of posts and such.

Some of the writing that I have done is really pretty good, while some of it over the time I msut admit is not very good at all. That is another part of what I want to achieve with this challenge is to improve the quality of my writing. This will mean that some days I will by far exceed what I set out to achieve with my daily challenge, but I am going to aim for continual improvement, rather then settling for something that is not good at all.

What Is the Challenge

Basically it comes down to one goal, to write words into posts, articles, stories or whatever I am doing to be writing. I plan to set a daily minimum words, that I want to write.

At this stage the word goal each day that I have been thinking about working with is 1,000 words. However I am still not sure if this is enough of a challenge. Looking back over this month to date, I have written about 15,000 words which is about 750 per day, so is it really that challenging to get to 1,000. Anyway this is a decision I will make by the first of November.

In addition to the word count goal, I will also be looking at working on a small point system that will add an extra dimension to the challenge. This point system will be fairly basic, however it will give me an incentive to work into the challenge some things I have been meaning to get done. I will explain the point system I am thinking about and a little bit of the reasoning behind it in a few days, still working out how difficult and challenging I want to make this. But it will easily make the word count seem easy i hope.

What Challenges Will I Face

As with any challenge there is going to be forces working against me. I just want to explore a few of those here and maybe if anyone has faced these came challenges before you could share your experience in the comments.

The first challenge is motivation. I have found in the past that this is one of my biggest challenges in getting started in writing anything, is getting motivated to start writing. Of course making this challenge public is going to be a little bit more motivation to get started, however it is the finishing that I am going to have to work on.

The second challenge will be a number of days that I am going to be well outside the normal routine. Two days I will be side tracked participating in a bucks party. Along with spending 5 days travelling to Melbourne. While I don’t suspect that either of these will cause me to be entirely sidetracked for entire days, I will have to put in some effort to ensure that I stay on track these days.

At this point I think that is about all the challenges that I can think of. Either way I will be starting this and hopefully finishing it next month in Novemeber, so if this is an interesting topic, keep an eye out for my ongoing updates between now and the end of November.

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