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30 Day Writing Challenge In A Few Days

So early next week, on Tuesday in fact, will be the beginning of my 30 day Writing Challenge. It has come up relatively quickly, but then I did only begin talking about it a little over a week ago. We all know just how fast a week can go by. My biggest challenge at the […]

Put The SPAM On Hold

Just about anyone that has run a blog of their own, will know that one of the biggest hassles can be the amount of SPAM Comments. I doubt that my case is really that severe, however it was enough to get me fairly annoyed and off to find a solution. A solution that would not […]

30 Day Writing Challenge Word & Points Goal

A few days ago I discussed a small challenge that I will be taking on for the month of November. This is my 30 Day Writing Challenge. In this post I included the thought that rather then just challenging myself to write a certain number of words each day, I would also have a small […]