Writing On My iPad

This week I made a new purchase, that was an iPad2. For some reason this was something that I had been putting off buying, and to be honest I cannot understand why I had waited so long.

To be honest I am not a apple fanboy by any means, I have enjoyed my IPods that I have owned over the years. However this is about as far as my Apple product ownership has extended. I have never bothered with the iPhone the battery does not last anywhere near long. While I have not been swayed enough to buy an Apple laptop either, although have come close.

But now I have made that move and bought an iPad. Not because it is the best in the tablet’s that are available. But just because it is the one that caught. Attention the best. This is maybe not the best way to go about buying technology purchases, but I can tell you that it sometimes is the ideal way to get something that is mainstream, just to know you will be able to do the things that you want to.


To be honest my needs from the iPad were to be fairly simple. I wanted to be able to access the Internet, on WiFi. I was not concerned about 3G because to be honest, getting a suitable sim card and plan when you are traveling is maybe not going to be the easiest thing in the world. So I am happy to just be restricted to WiFi, which in many places is more accessible anyway.

The second main reason I wanted the iPad was a lighter and easier option to carry with me day to day while traveling that I could create my daily travel blog and to organize my photo’s to post with the blogs. Finally the third reason well there are many cool apps out there for the iPad and I wanted to be able to experience the apps on a little bit bigger screen then my iPod.


I have now had my iPad for just maybe four days, yet I am already finding that it is a very flexible and useful tool to have available. It is so far looking like it will easily fulfill all the needs that I have, although that is going to be really tested during my trip overseas in august.

It is maybe a little to soon to say whether in fact the purchase is a successful one or not, however this will be something that I will continue to monitor in the coming weeks. The biggest decision I am going to have to make is do I carry iPad and laptop with me overseas or do I leave my laptop at home and just take my iPad and hope for the best.


So far I have to say that the iPad is a very useful writing tool. This post itself is my second posts that have written on the iPad. My first post was one thousand words, which I wrote in less then one hour.

The first benefit that I have found with the iPad is that there can easily be less distractions. Having bought only the WiFi version means I only have Internet access at home. This means that when I am using my iPad I have one less distraction.

The second advantage that I have found is one that I am a little surprised about. It is that the keyboard which displays on the screen, is much easier to type on them I expected and I find it just as easy to use as a normal keyboard. If not easier.


I am not one to jump to conclusions to quickly so before I really confirm that it is going to be better then say my laptop, I won’t. So one thing that you can be sure about is that I will be updating again soon about my experience. I hope that for the money I have paid for the iPad that it is going to be a positive experience, however that is only something that time can tell.

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