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This week I finally got around to buying a new laptop to travel with. For me this is not a small feat, it is rare that I will just purchase anything technology related without doing a reasonable amount of research and waiting to see what is really out there. Often times I am far to specific about what I want and often cannot find the specific wants in the one product. Which is why this purchase has been one that I have been wanting to make for over 6 months.

My buying habits aside though, the transition from one computer to another is usually a process I draw out, often over the period of a month or more. Sometimes it is one that I never really get finished. It normally starts with moving the important things straight away, and then slowly moving along and getting bits and pieces as I find that I need them. It generally just gets a little messy doing it this way, and often things go astray that I may have wanted and forget about or I just end up with endless folders and files building up that I do not really even need anymore. I am sure I ended up with 2 or 3 copies of the same folder one time.

So I thought this time I might try something a little different. Rather then just slowly moving odd files here and there from one computer to another without really having any sort of process. I choose to dump all the files off the old computer onto a portable harddrive. I will of course copy a few things to the computer, eg Email, Resume, and a handfull of other files i use day to day. But the rest, will likely stay there as a just in case.

It was only something that occured to me as a spare of the moment thought. This could be one of the things that could help me get through the writers block that I have been experienceing to some extent for almost two months now. Often when I go to write something I will open my laptop and start looking through files of ideas I have begun writing, or at lists of ideas that I kept on the computer. Which today with this realisation I think could be a part of the problem.

So the final outcome is going to be that rather then having a bunch of half started, writing projects to work through everytime I think I want to write something. By not putting this information onto my new computer, I am sort of forcing myself to start working on new ideas, rather then trying to force myself to work through old ideas that never really fully bloomed.

I guess this will have some side effects, some positive, some not so much. The positive side is that maybe I will be able to create some great new content for you. The biggest negative side effect might be some great ideas that I once had may never see the light of day, however this is a sacrifice I am willing to make in the interest of new and creative ideas possibly developing.

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