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Writing On My iPad

This week I made a new purchase, that was an iPad2. For some reason this was something that I had been putting off buying, and to be honest I cannot understand why I had waited so long. To be honest I am not a apple fanboy by any means, I have enjoyed my IPods that […]

Blocking Out Distractions

One of the biggest challenges when writing is blocking out the distractions that can arise and interfere with your train of thought. These can be literally anything, from people speaking to you, noises in the environment around you or Internet access in general. So what can you do about these distractions and how can you […]

Fresh Start For Ideas

This week I finally got around to buying a new laptop to travel with. For me this is not a small feat, it is rare that I will just purchase anything technology related without doing a reasonable amount of research and waiting to see what is really out there. Often times I am far to […]